One week till Sophisticated Euro in Seattle


Just over a week till Sophisticated Euro, please sign up for 100 point judging now , its not available the day of. Show & shine is the only package on the morning of the show
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Scores from our 2017 show


Each year we will, and always will show you the scores from the show. We’re human and we make mistakes but this year we resolved them before the end of awards. For 2017 we used three judges.

Judge one – Body and paint

Judgetwo – Interior , truck and safety – Mike Tolliver

Judge three – Engine,  wheels and tires



If you have never shown this format there are a few things to know to help you. Safety and truck are missed by most and its 20 point combined.

For safety insure you have five this visible at all times.  Oil , gas, water, tools, spare, jack , flares, jumper cables, fasten seatbelts, firstaid kit. Any five will get you five points.

Trunk – A closed truck get you a zero, and clean but full trunk will get you a few points. Remember there are 15 points here. Display your safety items , vacuum and  add some flare.

Hints on Interior – Are your door jams clean, like hinges ? Also take a  look at your gas pedal , is it clean or dirty. If you took the time to clean your pedals, you took the time to clean your  car thoroughly