One week till Sophisticated Euro in Seattle


Just over a week till Sophisticated Euro, please sign up for 100 point judging now , its not available the day of. Show & shine is the only package on the morning of the show
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Keepin you up to date



Keepin you up to date . Tickets close in 8 days, after that its show & shine or VIP parking only since we can’t make trophies that fast.
Tickets & Reg –>
– Shirts are nearly done
– Catering contract signed
– Lawn games are ready 
– classes are filling ( where’re the mk1 & aircooled guys?)
– Most class trophies are ordered ( get registered to help that)
– Volunteer page goes live today

Keeping you informed on Sophisticated Euro Car Show 2017


Keeping you informed on Sophisticated Euro Car Show 2017
Recently we’ve added a few new people to the program and started our new venue work. Working on the beer garden, and venue lay out for the most beautiful venue I’ve ever used. Auburn Volkswagen has come on board and will be doing something very exciting with a new lineup of vehicles for Vw this year. We extended an offer to H&R Special Springs, LP. and things look promising. We’ve engaged Leavenworth Drive and become a sponsor for this years drive. Look for our booth in Leavenworth this year. we’ll be attending a handful of events prior to our show and personally inviting several owners to our little event. Questions, feedback or concerns ask

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