Sophisticated Euro Seattle 2018 | Official Coverage (4K)


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Sophisticated Euro returns to the Sanders estate for another fun day of fresh euros parked on the green. It was a great show as always spending time with friends & family having a beer, a bite of food and looking at everyone’s show cars and daily cars…. it was so Euro, it hurts! Don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts \


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Dont miss Sophisticated Euro in Seattle


You’re invited to the new euro event in Seattle, that’s looking to be your european experience. Sophisticated Euro from classics to the latest year in all makes and models. We choose the best of the best for you to enjoy at our European car event. This is for all makes of european vehicles, Audi’s to Volvo’s and everything in between.
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RSVP –> Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018

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LUFTGEKÜHLT – Aircooled Porsche goodness


I was chatting with a buddy of mine and he was telling about this aircooled Porsche show and he kept say “Mike , you need to go to this, you’ll understand when you get there.” I know what he was talking about now. It’s the vibe of something cool, something spontaneous something so relaxed its amazing. It’s just like #SoEuro. Broken into its elements , its a Porsche meet, but add the elements together, it’s one hell of a day trip.


Upon arrival we knew we had to remote park at a lot a few minutes away, grated by event staff we started to notice the love of Porsche once you got into the lot. After a few minutes we were headed on a private transport for the event. Nothing says cool like a fleet of price busses in LA.

So_euro_luft5_2 So_euro_luft5_3

The Porsche booth was swank living room


Ever see a row of RS Americas ? So_euro_luft5_5

Once we arrived at new lumber yard of Ganahl Lumber Company we could quickly see this was going to be great day willed with cars, people and enjoyment. There were a few booth some sponsors like Pirelli , Porsche, and Hagerty Classic Cars .

So_euro_luft5_7 So_euro_luft5_9 So_euro_luft5_10 So_euro_luft5_11 So_euro_luft5_12 So_euro_luft5_13 So_euro_luft5_14 So_euro_luft5_15 So_euro_luft5_16 So_euro_luft5_17

I spy Jason Whipple’s Ride form Rotiform Wheels sporting a new wheel design So_euro_luft5_18 So_euro_luft5_19 So_euro_luft5_20 So_euro_luft5_21

My buddy from Florida who drove his 356 the whole way So_euro_luft5_23

thats tasty

So_euro_luft5_24 So_euro_luft5_25 So_euro_luft5_26 So_euro_luft5_27 So_euro_luft5_28 So_euro_luft5_29 So_euro_luft5_31 So_euro_luft5_32 So_euro_luft5_33 So_euro_luft5_34 So_euro_luft5_35 So_euro_luft5_36 So_euro_luft5_37 So_euro_luft5_38 So_euro_luft5_41 So_euro_luft5_42 So_euro_luft5_44 So_euro_luft5_45 So_euro_luft5_46 So_euro_luft5_47 So_euro_luft5_48 So_euro_luft5_50



Hand made leather key chains




HandMade Leather Gated KeyChain by NightLazer. This amazing one of kind will insure you wont lose your keys anytime soon. Handmade in the USA with New England Leather, with an So Euro logo laser engraved into the band and gated fastener.

– Claw clip on one side
– Key ring on other side
– New England, USA Leather
– Cut then riveted by hand in the USA
– The entire length is 14.5cm

Order Here –> $25 for one 

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Eurotripper Trip Report


I’ve been to alot of shows, and it’s easy to see a great show and crappy one real quick. eurotripper is great show and well worth a visit in the near future. If you wanna drive down, the roads seemed very smooth and easy to drive at 85mph in my rental BMW 430i. I did see some plates from Georgia, Tennessee and many other states besides florida. Paul the owner of the show really puts in the effort and the details that make this a great event.


IMG_20180203_113232 IMG_20180203_113240

Everyone loved this bagged dub, three piece wheels and built to harness dublove

IMG_20180203_113245 IMG_20180203_113254

had a few minutes to chat with this great guy and awesome ride

IMG_20180203_113614 IMG_20180203_113624 IMG_20180203_113926 IMG_20180203_113936 IMG_20180203_113938 IMG_20180203_130256 IMG_20180203_130313 IMG_20180203_130646 IMG_20180203_131416 IMG_20180203_131428 IMG_20180203_131453 IMG_20180203_131508 IMG_20180203_131516 IMG_20180203_131533 IMG_20180203_131544 IMG_20180203_131600

Out at the main gate to Eurotripper


I never ran into Sam Dobbins the entire weekend

IMG_20180203_131905 IMG_20180203_131937 IMG_20180203_131952 IMG_20180203_132007 IMG_20180203_132033 IMG_20180203_132054 IMG_20180203_132059 IMG_20180203_132126 IMG_20180203_132136 IMG_20180203_132148 IMG_20180203_132157

Who can you name on the stage ?

IMG_20180203_132226 IMG_20180203_133910 IMG_20180203_134052 IMG_20180203_134509 IMG_20180203_134750 IMG_20180203_141821

What you wouldn’t drive your lambo over from Miami ?

IMG_20180203_141855 IMG_20180203_141921 IMG_20180203_142056 IMG_20180203_142113 IMG_20180203_142133 IMG_20180203_142300 IMG_20180203_142316 IMG_20180203_142354 IMG_20180203_142433 IMG_20180203_142443

this caddy is yummy , really clean

IMG_20180203_142512 IMG_20180203_142516 IMG_20180203_142523 IMG_20180203_142538 IMG_20180203_142542 IMG_20180203_142548 IMG_20180203_142557 IMG_20180203_142609 IMG_20180203_142612 IMG_20180203_142622 IMG_20180203_142632 IMG_20180203_142640 IMG_20180203_145420 IMG_20180203_145430 IMG_20180203_145458 IMG_20180203_145514 IMG_20180203_145526 IMG_20180203_145533

I saw the Volkswagen team at Eurotripper

IMG_20180203_145629 IMG_20180203_145643 IMG_20180203_145651 IMG_20180203_145707 IMG_20180203_145733 IMG_20180203_151527 IMG_20180203_151612 IMG_20180203_151653 IMG_20180203_151714 IMG_20180203_151758 IMG_20180203_151800

Check that ABT action on the Q7

IMG_20180203_151820 IMG_20180203_151834 IMG_20180203_152151 IMG_20180203_154731 IMG_20180203_154738 IMG_20180203_154859 IMG_20180203_154906 IMG_20180203_154906_1 IMG_20180203_154928 IMG_20180203_154950 IMG_20180203_161825 IMG_20180203_161828 IMG_20180203_165924