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Sophisticated Euro
Las Vegas – April 8th RSVP now – April 8th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Las Vegas 2018
Seattle – Aug 18th RSVP now -August 18th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018
East Rutherford NJ – Sept 9th RSVP now -Sept 9th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x East 2018
Houston Tx – Nov 18th RSVP now -Nov 18th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Texas 2018

Sophisticated Euro is an event unlike other events in the area. I wanted to take elements from events worldwide and bring them to my event. We are looking for the Best 5 vehicles in each class to represent “So Euro” at a national level. Cars will be submitted and approved to each class. Cars that are not in the Selected 5 will be added the Aristocrats surrounding the venue.

As we get closer to the event we’ll add details , so ADD yourself and others to insure that you’ll see all the details as our date get closer.

#lasvegas update

Update – Had a great meeting with Station Casino’s today. I should have our hotel rates and code’s I hope in the next few days. Things are on track. In fact a few vendors have purchased booths knowing that it includes sat & sunday and they get first placement.
Changes as of right now.
Food trucks are being added
Some changes in hotel shuttle to strip and back (sat night)
Rooms block will be larger and rates are nearly the same
I’ve applied for Fremont rental for friday night

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it’s time to go a little bit bigger

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I’d like to tell you that my passion for cars and the burning passion I have for european cars has lead me to just do what I’ve wanted for so many years. I’ve created an ambitious goal to bring Sophisticated Euro on the road for this #twenty18 season. I’ve been involved in many events over the years but I have year to truly forge my own trail. In the spring of 2017 I wanted to take “So-Euro” to Las Vegas for Sunday after StanceWars but I was advised to wait by many of closests friends. That was hard advice to swallow at the time. I knew that would set my plans back a full year and might derail my dream of passion for european car shows. After some consideration I followed my advisers plans and I just put more effort into my Seattle show. A year later I’m hear to announce that Sophisticated Euro will now follow StanceWars to Las Vegas in the spring, follow to New Jersey in the fall and Houston for the Winter. Bringing the total number of shows for Sophisticated euro to four in #Twenty 18.

April Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Las Vegas 2018
August Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018
Sept Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x East 2018

November is still pending this years event.


Our Official 2017 Film of Sophisticated Euro​

Our Official 2017 Film of Sophisticated Euro​

In 2016 we started “So-Euro” with an idea of everything from Austria, Germany and England combined into one event. I worked on many other european shows prior but this would be my chance to show my vision without compromise. in 2016 we didn’t even have an official video, our setup was slightly off and vision needed some work. Here is what two years of work can get you. While it’s not perfect in 2017 its was enough to prove the idea and get everyone excited for 2018. RSVP for 2018