I just completed the 100 point judging classes and Show&Shine

I just completed the 100 point judging classes and Show&Shine. Thank you for pre-registering – its how we figure out the classes and number of trophies to purchase.
Classes 100 Point Judging Registration
AUDI – Early
BMW – Best E30
BMW – E36
BMW – E46
BMW – 5 Series & M’s
BMW – 7 Series & M’s
Porsche Classic
VW – VW Aircooled
VW Corrado
VW – Passat
VW – Tiguan
VW – MK1
VW – MK2 Golf
VW – MK2 Jetta
VW – MK3
VW – MK4
VW – MK5
VW – MK6 Golf
VW – MK6 Jetta
VW – MK7
Show & Shine awards\ classes
– Outstanding Audi – Show & Shine (5)
– Outstanding BMW – Show & Shine (3)
– Outstanding FIAT – Show & Shine (2)
– Outstanding Jaguar – Show & Shine (2)
– Outstanding Mercedes – Show & Shine (2)
– Outstanding Volkswagen – Show & Shine (5)
Open to all
– Best of Show — (BIG)
– Best Wheels — (BIG)
– So Euro It Hurts — (BIG)
– The Worthersee Award — (Big)
– Best Interior
– Best Air ride
– Best Theme\Livery
This year we were able to break out some classes to golf\jetta or Coupe\touring\Sedan. Without pre-reg we would have never done that- thank you. Show&Shine will be choice, sometimes my kids pick them, sometimes my staff. TONIGHT everyone will get an EMAIL about times, routes and locations. Staff will pull you into parking, please be quick. Several will be placed on the pond for media coverage, others will be all over and including club spots. Goodie bags for 100point – Aristocrats will be handled next to our merch tent at the tent labeled “goodiebags” .





Its 2018 and my sixth or seventh time I’ve been to this coll event. Its the 17th year of the event started by Lance a Pro3 driver and team owner here in the Seattle area. The event moved the Lemay family collection property years back after out growing a known place like XXX Rootbeer & Burgers in Issaquah, its popular low kew space to use.  But Lance always knew this W30 thing would continue to grow and grow. I asked Lance about last year which he replied. “we had about 260ish on the lawn and this year we wont fit everyone one on”.

As the cars rolled in I was positive that would be how the day turned out. By mid after noon there were W30 parked in the streets and external parking lots at the museum. Later lance said ” we’re at 280ish now and with coming a going its hard to get a solid count.” In my former life ( wedding Dj) knew how to push buttons and talk on a microphone and lance offered me a gig to relax on a lawn and enjoy cars, and I’ve always had it one my calendar. Its a side hustle for me and I usually apply my gains toward a summer project, this year a new lawnmower for the house.


more on facebook –> https://www.facebook.com/events/615149795512022/?active_tab=discussion

Well we had a blast in Leavenworth

Well we had a blast in Leavenworth, thanks Bill for the pic. Caught up with a lot of old friends, saw the rides, eat tasty stuff and drank beer. Seems like more are going Fri- Sat now rather than driving over Saturday. We had a small but awesome cruise from Issy to L-town. We handed out registration tee’s and beer glasses to those that registered before Leavenworth for Sophisticated Euro. We got asked 200 times why we weren’t selling or had a booth but we were in town for fun.
We going to Great Canadian and Pacific Waterlands laster this summer, both for fun. When you work in the industry sometimes you need to have fun time not a busy time.

Wagen-Life or Wagen-love ?


28279628_2159432184342932_6737760975665328564_n 28059130_2159432094342941_5347401921163466369_n 27973615_2159432027676281_2788212823771733656_n 28059390_2159431974342953_228970802398918720_n 28058622_2159431951009622_4223892589330155856_n 28058853_2159431931009624_2594004620657086233_n 28056614_2159431884342962_4040219837011961315_n 28276825_2159431807676303_1697619498418233649_n 28279349_2159432051009612_8511098467714568633_n 28166274_2159431997676284_5913884794500940695_n 28379706_2159432131009604_5848100594467281137_n 28168417_2159431804342970_8380872380298731760_n 28377792_2159431941009623_3391207231280177322_n 28276505_2159432054342945_4057839184862202700_n 28279594_2159432154342935_2034694000382736483_n 28279447_2159432001009617_3948486538474176577_n 28168804_2159431887676295_3301880822323957896_n 28278969_2159431827676301_752007718673025566_n 28167138_2159432124342938_2975443476526430613_n (1)


YOU’RE INVITED! Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend..Happenstance Event Productions is pleased to announce our Seattle European Car Event ” So Euro”.

RSVP now – April 8th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Las Vegas 2018
RSVP now -August 18th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018
RSVP now -Sept 9th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x East 2018

RSVP now -Nov 18th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Texas 2018


Sophisticated Euro is an event unlike other events in the area. I wanted to take elements from events worldwide and bring them to my event. We are looking for the Best 5 vehicles in each class to represent “So Euro” at a national level. Cars will be submitted and approved to each class. Cars that are not in the Selected 5 will be added the Aristocrats surrounding the venue.

As we get closer to the event we’ll add details , so ADD yourself and others to insure that you’ll see all the details as our date get closer.

Mike Tolliver

Tickets    Register   Judging Sheet

Eurotripper Trip Report


I’ve been to alot of shows, and it’s easy to see a great show and crappy one real quick. eurotripper is great show and well worth a visit in the near future. If you wanna drive down, the roads seemed very smooth and easy to drive at 85mph in my rental BMW 430i. I did see some plates from Georgia, Tennessee and many other states besides florida. Paul the owner of the show really puts in the effort and the details that make this a great event.


IMG_20180203_113232 IMG_20180203_113240

Everyone loved this bagged dub, three piece wheels and built to harness dublove

IMG_20180203_113245 IMG_20180203_113254

had a few minutes to chat with this great guy and awesome ride

IMG_20180203_113614 IMG_20180203_113624 IMG_20180203_113926 IMG_20180203_113936 IMG_20180203_113938 IMG_20180203_130256 IMG_20180203_130313 IMG_20180203_130646 IMG_20180203_131416 IMG_20180203_131428 IMG_20180203_131453 IMG_20180203_131508 IMG_20180203_131516 IMG_20180203_131533 IMG_20180203_131544 IMG_20180203_131600

Out at the main gate to Eurotripper


I never ran into Sam Dobbins the entire weekend

IMG_20180203_131905 IMG_20180203_131937 IMG_20180203_131952 IMG_20180203_132007 IMG_20180203_132033 IMG_20180203_132054 IMG_20180203_132059 IMG_20180203_132126 IMG_20180203_132136 IMG_20180203_132148 IMG_20180203_132157

Who can you name on the stage ?

IMG_20180203_132226 IMG_20180203_133910 IMG_20180203_134052 IMG_20180203_134509 IMG_20180203_134750 IMG_20180203_141821

What you wouldn’t drive your lambo over from Miami ?

IMG_20180203_141855 IMG_20180203_141921 IMG_20180203_142056 IMG_20180203_142113 IMG_20180203_142133 IMG_20180203_142300 IMG_20180203_142316 IMG_20180203_142354 IMG_20180203_142433 IMG_20180203_142443

this caddy is yummy , really clean

IMG_20180203_142512 IMG_20180203_142516 IMG_20180203_142523 IMG_20180203_142538 IMG_20180203_142542 IMG_20180203_142548 IMG_20180203_142557 IMG_20180203_142609 IMG_20180203_142612 IMG_20180203_142622 IMG_20180203_142632 IMG_20180203_142640 IMG_20180203_145420 IMG_20180203_145430 IMG_20180203_145458 IMG_20180203_145514 IMG_20180203_145526 IMG_20180203_145533

I saw the Volkswagen team at Eurotripper

IMG_20180203_145629 IMG_20180203_145643 IMG_20180203_145651 IMG_20180203_145707 IMG_20180203_145733 IMG_20180203_151527 IMG_20180203_151612 IMG_20180203_151653 IMG_20180203_151714 IMG_20180203_151758 IMG_20180203_151800

Check that ABT action on the Q7

IMG_20180203_151820 IMG_20180203_151834 IMG_20180203_152151 IMG_20180203_154731 IMG_20180203_154738 IMG_20180203_154859 IMG_20180203_154906 IMG_20180203_154906_1 IMG_20180203_154928 IMG_20180203_154950 IMG_20180203_161825 IMG_20180203_161828 IMG_20180203_165924

Richard Linster goes all the way




Owner: https://www.facebook.com/ChillWinston

Year of construction: 1979

Engine: 1,4 litre four-cylinder, GF-Camshaft, VW Motorsport Valve Lid and inlet, kwl motorsport pulley, Weber Alpha-renn injection, engine and transmission gecleant, omex 500 control unit, Jenvey-takes Stainless Steel Manifold, custom exhaust system and cooler, vibra technic engine mounts, gti tank and pump pump, Weber Alpha Fuel Pressure Regulator, engine at 2 ” raised and tilted
Body: Antenna, wipers front and rear as well as failing in the hood, door handles without lock, emblems on the tailgate, square headlights and matching grille, Chrome Bumpers, chrome mouldings on discs, clear glass panes, metal Tankeinfüllstutzen, new painting of jh pro paint

Interior: Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel, recaro st-repika seats, hrp pedal box, 1976 S-Scirocco safety belts,-and handbrake, 1975 S-Golf Schaltsack, ignition lock removed, interior completely gecleant From Lacquered, fuel and brake hidden, battery invisibly installed

Suspension: S1 suspension luftfahrwerk, lines, compressor and air hides machined glynfab wishbone, arunfab rear axle, shortened -, frame worked

Wheel / tires: MAD ‘ into-rims in 8 x14 Inch Front and 8,5 x14 Inch Rear, federal tires in 155/55 R14

Brakes: Polo 6 N2 gti brakes front and rear, wil wood-cylinder

Photo Credits: John Langley Automotive, Rollhard, Slam Sanctuary


23905311_1984072211841415_1262218248002794757_n 23905603_1984071791841457_1152705224651688781_n 23843363_1984071945174775_440904282516047078_n 24067791_1984072138508089_3178233263751625043_n

Capture24058825_1984071838508119_1834583242141796026_n 24067863_1984071665174803_8105840956473218936_n 23843512_1984071935174776_7009491066712277699_n 23843308_1984071638508139_3038332910997309557_n 23843340_1984071688508134_2024822618060142721_n 23905252_1984071708508132_3643553030553890363_n 24131372_1984071538508149_2927818249670316270_n 23843288_1984071738508129_2025495082332739934_n 23843491_1984071425174827_5966778010251660945_n 24068226_1984071578508145_2446564392801125520_n 24068120_1984071455174824_6094135832075644120_n


23843481_1984071471841489_2761883815683447499_n 23844709_1984071491841487_8998034814413630671_n 24129587_1984071555174814_2809940004059314129_n 23843260_1984072005174769_6025593514357062450_n

it’s time to go a little bit bigger

Sophisticated Euro Logo


I’d like to tell you that my passion for cars and the burning passion I have for european cars has lead me to just do what I’ve wanted for so many years. I’ve created an ambitious goal to bring Sophisticated Euro on the road for this #twenty18 season. I’ve been involved in many events over the years but I have year to truly forge my own trail. In the spring of 2017 I wanted to take “So-Euro” to Las Vegas for Sunday after StanceWars but I was advised to wait by many of closests friends. That was hard advice to swallow at the time. I knew that would set my plans back a full year and might derail my dream of passion for european car shows. After some consideration I followed my advisers plans and I just put more effort into my Seattle show. A year later I’m hear to announce that Sophisticated Euro will now follow StanceWars to Las Vegas in the spring, follow to New Jersey in the fall and Houston for the Winter. Bringing the total number of shows for Sophisticated euro to four in #Twenty 18.

April Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Las Vegas 2018
August Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018
Sept Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x East 2018

November is still pending this years event.