Its 2018 and my sixth or seventh time I’ve been to this coll event. Its the 17th year of the event started by Lance a Pro3 driver and team owner here in the Seattle area. The event moved the Lemay family collection property years back after out growing a known place like XXX Rootbeer & Burgers in Issaquah, its popular low kew space to use.  But Lance always knew this W30 thing would continue to grow and grow. I asked Lance about last year which he replied. “we had about 260ish on the lawn and this year we wont fit everyone one on”.

As the cars rolled in I was positive that would be how the day turned out. By mid after noon there were W30 parked in the streets and external parking lots at the museum. Later lance said ” we’re at 280ish now and with coming a going its hard to get a solid count.” In my former life ( wedding Dj) knew how to push buttons and talk on a microphone and lance offered me a gig to relax on a lawn and enjoy cars, and I’ve always had it one my calendar. Its a side hustle for me and I usually apply my gains toward a summer project, this year a new lawnmower for the house.


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Casey James drops video heat of Leavenworth


Casey James

Another year has gone by at the Leavenworth Drive. Amazing cars from all over, up and down the west cost and many from Canada get together in this small town to enjoy cars, beers and bratwurst. I hope you all enjoy what i captured. Like, comment and share! Drone footage thanks to Hansley! Want to shoot!? Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram! IG: @casey_james_flipsideproduction FB: Casey Jame

Well we had a blast in Leavenworth

Well we had a blast in Leavenworth, thanks Bill for the pic. Caught up with a lot of old friends, saw the rides, eat tasty stuff and drank beer. Seems like more are going Fri- Sat now rather than driving over Saturday. We had a small but awesome cruise from Issy to L-town. We handed out registration tee’s and beer glasses to those that registered before Leavenworth for Sophisticated Euro. We got asked 200 times why we weren’t selling or had a booth but we were in town for fun.
We going to Great Canadian and Pacific Waterlands laster this summer, both for fun. When you work in the industry sometimes you need to have fun time not a busy time.



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– Porsche 944

– Multiple replacement and restoration of plastic in the cabin in a perfect OEM
– Steering wheel BBS
– Head unit Nakamichi CD-500
– Front speakers JBL GTO 6429
– Pioneer rear speakers
– Amplifier Kicx Angry ANT 4.100
– Swap muzzles from 944 Turbo (951)
– Rear diffuser 944 Turbo
– Custom front lip
– Custom ducts instead of fogs

Podkapotnoe space:
– Exhaust from stainless steel with a resonator and casting jar on 63mm pipe
– Overhaul with replacement of all consumables
– Replacement of fuel and hydraulic hoses for reinforced
– AirBagit front suspension for Golf MK1
– AirBagit back cushions
– Repack rear shock absorbers and shortening by 25mm
– Valve 250PSI 1/2? AIR ENGINE
– AirBagit DC7501 Compressor
– AirBagit receiver for 12 liters
– Sensors body position Land Rover
– BillyBons support pillar
– AceOfAce remote control for pneumatics with indicator and height sensor
– AceOfAce Magic stick
Disks, and Rubber:
– BBS RS 16 to 17 StepKit, 10 × 17 “, rubber before 215/35
– BBS RS 16 to 17 StepKit, 17 × 12 “, rubber back 245/35

Owner: shtefaniuk
Photo: Luft