LUFTGEKÜHLT – Aircooled Porsche goodness

I was chatting with a buddy of mine and he was telling about this aircooled Porsche show and he kept say “Mike , you need to go to this, you’ll understand when you get there.” I know what he was talking about now. It’s the vibe of something cool, something spontaneous something so relaxed its amazing. It’s just like #SoEuro. Broken into its elements , its a Porsche meet, but add the elements together, it’s one hell of a day trip.


Upon arrival we knew we had to remote park at a lot a few minutes away, grated by event staff we started to notice the love of Porsche once you got into the lot. After a few minutes we were headed on a private transport for the event. Nothing says cool like a fleet of price busses in LA.

So_euro_luft5_2 So_euro_luft5_3

The Porsche booth was swank living room


Ever see a row of RS Americas ? So_euro_luft5_5

Once we arrived at new lumber yard of Ganahl Lumber Company we could quickly see this was going to be great day willed with cars, people and enjoyment. There were a few booth some sponsors like Pirelli , Porsche, and Hagerty Classic Cars .

So_euro_luft5_7 So_euro_luft5_9 So_euro_luft5_10 So_euro_luft5_11 So_euro_luft5_12 So_euro_luft5_13 So_euro_luft5_14 So_euro_luft5_15 So_euro_luft5_16 So_euro_luft5_17

I spy Jason Whipple’s Ride form Rotiform Wheels sporting a new wheel design So_euro_luft5_18 So_euro_luft5_19 So_euro_luft5_20 So_euro_luft5_21

My buddy from Florida who drove his 356 the whole way So_euro_luft5_23

thats tasty

So_euro_luft5_24 So_euro_luft5_25 So_euro_luft5_26 So_euro_luft5_27 So_euro_luft5_28 So_euro_luft5_29 So_euro_luft5_31 So_euro_luft5_32 So_euro_luft5_33 So_euro_luft5_34 So_euro_luft5_35 So_euro_luft5_36 So_euro_luft5_37 So_euro_luft5_38 So_euro_luft5_41 So_euro_luft5_42 So_euro_luft5_44 So_euro_luft5_45 So_euro_luft5_46 So_euro_luft5_47 So_euro_luft5_48 So_euro_luft5_50



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