ABT has built a 523 horse masterpiece


In January, German tuner ABT Sportsline announced a package of upgrades for the Audi RS5. It is now March, and German tuner ABT Sportsline has applied said package to the Audi RS4 Avant.

Dubbed the RS4-R, this modified Avant gets a nice, punchy 523bhp and 509lb ft of torque – identical to its modded RS5. Though no performance figures are quoted, that RS5-R managed 0-62mph in 3.6s. So this’ll be quick, be in no doubt.

01_abt_rs4-r_front 03_abt_rs4-r_front (1) 04_abt_rs4-r_rear 06_abt_rs4-r_rear 07_abt_rs4-r_rear 08_abt_rs4-r_interior 09_abt_rs4-r_interior 11_abt_rs4-r_interior 12_abt_rs4-r_exterior 13_abt_rs4-r_exterior 14_abt_rs4-r_exterior 15_abt_rs4-r_exterior 16_abt_rs4-r_exterior