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Sophisticated Euro
Las Vegas – April 8th RSVP now – April 8th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Las Vegas 2018
Seattle – Aug 18th RSVP now -August 18th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Seattle 2018
East Rutherford NJ – Sept 9th RSVP now -Sept 9th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x East 2018
Houston Tx – Nov 18th RSVP now -Nov 18th Sophisticated Euro x Car Show x Texas 2018

Sophisticated Euro is an event unlike other events in the area. I wanted to take elements from events worldwide and bring them to my event. We are looking for the Best 5 vehicles in each class to represent “So Euro” at a national level. Cars will be submitted and approved to each class. Cars that are not in the Selected 5 will be added the Aristocrats surrounding the venue.

As we get closer to the event we’ll add details , so ADD yourself and others to insure that you’ll see all the details as our date get closer.