John just needs more airtime

Now john ludwick jr. isn’t new to euro, he’s a godfather from the east. John from NightLazer , The Governors Club & The Rising Sea has been around the block a few times, we were lucky enough to come across these photos from the #H2oi last weekend. You may have seen him rollin hard with his Corvair in the past.

22140765_2081632758789542_7549118009263863618_n (1) 22050373_2081632708789547_6646736275061539447_n 22089789_2081632755456209_5351604528551599881_n 22196019_2081632702122881_6630391999486316918_n 22089172_2081632762122875_7313263778126597503_n 22140765_2081632758789542_7549118009263863618_n

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